Mission QX2 passive bookshelf speaker

Mission QX2 passive bookshelf speaker


Striking combination of aesthetics and supreme sound


The Mission QX-2 speakers have striking looks and impressive performance and are perfect for the modern home. They use advanced technology to make a dramatic difference, offering amazing value in both hi-fi and AV set-ups. Advanced new designs and extensive, exacting listening tests have evolved a loudspeaker that offers exciting and dramatic performance no matter what style of music or movies you prefer.




Advanced DiaDrive cone system - front inverted dome cone delivers smooth response driven by secondary sub cone to transient impact from the motor system

Oversized magnet motor system offers high sensitivity for maximum dynamic impact from any amplifier

New ring dome treble unit offers high levels of musical details with low distortion - the usual dome cavitation effects are avoided

Slot port is profiled to reduce chuffing distortion, yielding accurate bass performance

Carefully crafted acoustic crossover slopes achieve perfect integration between the drivers for a seamless performance

Crossover uses laminated iron core bass coil, audiophile standard polypropylene capacitors, spaced on the PCB to avoid magnetic field interaction