Nakamichi NVX D305

Nakamichi NVX D305


Nakamichi NVX D305 Digital processor mixer amplifier 2x300watt (8 ohm) & pengaturan via aplikasi apple (audio-pk).
fitur lengkap pengaturan echo, equalizer dan lain lain.

NVX-D305 is a digital karaoke amplifier with wireless and iphone could get the access through Wifi.

Home karaoke,KTV room,Household karaoke,Small Multi-function hall,Conference room and so on.

* 3.1 sound track all-digital outputs,music stereo 7 levels Hi-Fi key controls;
* Limiter for MIC inputs avoid cracked sound effectively,5 levels Feedback inhibition Function.
* 7-band PEQ for Music,10-band PEQ for two way MIC respectively,HPF/LPF;
* HPF/LPF and 3-band PEQ for Effect inputs;
* Main outputs: 3-band PEQ,HPF/LPF,input selection and mixing rate,polarity,gain,limiter,mute;
* Center outputs: 3-band PEQ,HPF/LPF,input selection and mixing rate,polarity,gain,mute;
* Sub outputs: 3-band PEQ,Polarity,Gain,Mute;
* Profesional 200 Mhz,4-core independent processing high-speed DSP processing chip,48Khz sampling frequency/24 -bit A/D & D/A converter.
* 13 groups system memories data,including 6 groups preset